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Golden Rules for Dating a Black Man: Tips for White Women

Love is a universal feeling. It knows no boundaries, language, race, or color. And for those white women looking for black men, one of the very first things you should keep in mind is that dating a black man isn’t rocket science. They are just like any men, after all, even if the color of their skin is different from yours.

It means that dating a black man shouldn’t be any different from dating a white man or any other man for that matter. However, you may feel that things might be a bit different if you happen to be a white woman. Unfortunately, there are still people who think of interracial dating as a taboo or even a serious problem. There is this lingering misconception that if a woman decides to date a man outside her race, she must be expelled from it. Isn’t this a big issue?

It is quite sad that every now and then, racial problems are still popping up in this modern and advanced society. Even though it might not be spoken out in the open, this still crosses the minds of many people. But, as a human being in this day and age, it is extremely important for everyone to be more open to the idea of interracial dating. There wouldn’t be any problem at all if only people agreed that every human being in this world is made equal.  

If you are a white woman who truly wishes to date that hot black man who caught your interest but you feel a bit worried about the possible social implications, don’t worry because it is only natural for you to feel doubtful and confused about this whole idea. To get started with your interracial dating experience, there are three golden rules that all white women looking for black men should remember at all times.

1st Golden Rule: Consult Your Family and Close Friends

The number one golden rule in interracial dating is to discuss about the situation with your loved ones and closest friends. Again, it shouldn’t really be a problem if you are white and he is black. However, if you think that your own circle might have some adverse reactions to the relationship, it is always best that you talk to him about this first.

2nd Golden Rule: Always Be Honest with Yourself

Honesty can go a long way when it comes to interracial dating. Observe honesty all the time and never push things if you think and feel like it is not really a sound idea. You should also refrain from going out of your way only for you to prove something. When you agree to engage in interracial dating, it must never be about proving yourself to other people. It must be about looking at the chance that this black man is the man you will be spending the rest of your life with.

3rd Golden Rule: Date a Black Man as How You Would Date Other Men

Finally, date a black man like how you would date a white man or other men for that matter. Give him the opportunity to treat you with the kind of respect you deserve and respect him in return. Stick to the usual rules of dating.

These are the three golden rules that white men looking for black men should learn by heart.